Plastic Free February

It’s time for the Plastic-Free February Challenge! Let’s go plastic-free this month! 

As surfers, we’re passionate about protecting the place we love most: our oceans!

This month, we’re encouraging you to challenge yourself to reducing plastic in your daily life.  Going plastic-free isn’t easy.  Plastic is everywhere, which is the issue in the first place. It has infiltrated our homes, stores, and lives, and thus infiltrates the environment around us when we’re done using it.  

You don’t have to think about going plastic-free as a zero-sum game. You create amazing impact by just starting out and making small changes in your life. 

Tips for the challenge: 

Reuse: When you find that you have to use plastic, think of how many times you could reuse that plastic before it ends up getting thrown out/recycled! For example, I have been addicted to Trader Joe’s Buratta and I have been saving the the plastic it comes in to use as food containers, instead of going out and buying it! 

Swaps instead of elimination: If you love drinking out of straw, buy a bamboo set instead.  If you love getting coffee from a coffee shop but they don’t allow takeaway mugs, make the coffee at home and put it in your own take away cup, or find a shop that lets you dine-in! 

Preparation is key: We now declare that a true surfer’s bag must contain the following: surf wax, wax comb, reusable utensil set, bamboo straws, travel mug, water bottle, bikini/board shorts.  By having plastic-free living essentials with you at all times (along with the surf essentials;)), you’ll be set for success! 

Easy ways to join the challenge: 

  • If you usually get your coffee in a takeout/single use plastic cup, invest in a cute travel mug so you can bring your own 
  • Buy a bamboo instead of plastic toothbrush next time you need to replace your plastic one! 
  • Bring reusable cutlery and bamboo straws with you so you’ll never have to get a plastic one! (hint, Save Our Surf has awesome bamboo kits) 
  • Participate in/host a beach cleanup! It’s not our trash, but it is our planet! Let’s keep the seas-plastic free! 

Don’t forget to share your Plastic Free February efforts on social media and tag us @saveoursurf for a chance to WIN A SAVE OUR SURF PR PACKAGE!