Letter from the founder...

Hi, I'm Amy, the founder of Save Our Surf

In Fall 2019, I was on a surf trip in Sri Lanka.  I fell in love with the surf community, secluded beaches, and amazing people.  I found one specific surf break that I fell in love with because of the untouched beaches, empty lineups, and crystal blue water.  After staying here for a few weeks of perfect waves and beautiful weather, a storm came through.  The bay flooded with runoff from nearby waterways and towns: filling the once-crystal-clear water with tonnes of trash.  I was heartbroken.  Upon talking to local business owners and friends, I learned that Sri Lanka is the 5th largest polluter of plastic out of any country in the world, despite being a small country of only 32 million people!  

I had recently graduated from an undergraduate degree in environmental policy, and was on the path to law school with the intentions of saving the oceans through environmental law.  However, upon learning about the pollution crisis in Sri Lanka, I knew I couldn't wait years until I was a lawyer to start making a change.  

As an avid surfer and lover of surf culture, I created Save Our Surf to fund the collection of plastic from the ocean Sri Lanka.  Through my environmental education, I was aware of the pollution from the fashion industry, so I wanted to create ethical, sustainable clothes, and do something good with the profits.   As such, SOS was born.  

Save Our Surf stands for SOS- because the pollution crisis truly is an emergency.